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Smart बच्चे

The children in the neighbourhood were playing badminton right under the window of my first floor flat. Nothing unpredictable, that their shuttle cock entered my room through the open window. As I had gone down to get vegetables, they found the flat locked. Since ‘time is precious’, they decided not to waste time in waiting for me, and decided to help themselves. Within no time, the bench kept in the park for senior citizens, was brought. The watchman’s chair was mounted on it, and the tallest boy stood on the chair. A makeshift anchor was ‘created’ and the boy deftly pulled out the shuttle cock. Lo! started the celebrations.

I came back at this point of time and was surprised to see the paraphernalia under my window. When I came to know all that had happened, I reprimanded the children for their act. I was in for a bigger surprise, when a proud parent explained to me how ‘intelligently’ the children planned and executed the entire thing. I was furious and threatened to lodge an FIR as this was a straight case of trespassing. The parents of the children involved, told me to stay calm, as the children had not stolen anything. In fact, I was advised to appreciate their intelligence.

I wonder was I really wrong in my perception! Often I feel outdated, when I get upset seeing underage children driving vehicles. I remember my children did not even learn to drive before they reached eighteen. Have I been unfair to them? Or are my children not as smart as the ones driving on the streets without license?

Often we see children back answering their parents. The parents seem to be appreciating this. The children are certified to be ‘witty’. It is their ‘presence of mind’ that makes them so smart. The toddlers have their own mind. They cant be forced to eat something they do not fancy. Nor can you advise them on what to wear, how to behave etc. If one tries doing anything that they do not like, he/she shall be rewarded with slaps and kicks. After all, the tiny tots know what is good for them.

Are we laying a good foundation for them? I dread to think what type of adults will they make. Often we hear people lamenting the younger lot, for their arrogant attitude. The children are like creepers, if we dont provide them with the right kind of support and direction they are bound to go haywire.


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My first post

I dedicate this blog to Zephyr of  Cyber Nag for inspiring me to start it, my son Siddharth, for starting it for me and my daughter, Mudita for giving me joyous moments by her simple yet thoughtful acts.

It was not easy for me to start on computer. Initially, I was so busy with my children growing up. Moreover, the comp was not available to me, thanks to my son. Then one day, I realised, that my children have left for hostel and I had all the time in the world and very few constructive things to do. And then my children told me to try my hand on the comp. I felt like a one year old child trying to learn ‘how to walk’. Interestingly the two angels which took my help to learn to walk were providing me support this time. My son like a strict tutor, getting irritated with my repeated mistakes and often throwing up his hands in despair. And my daughter, like a patient mother- teacher explaining it to me and encouraging me to try once more. Believe me, it is a very interesting journey for the three of us, proceeding with bouts of laughter on my mistakes. And all this time, my hubby ( he is a man of few words ) keeps smiling.

I  have named my blog “Kachha Lemon”, because, I am a beginner and would like to enter this field as ‘kachha limbu’. Then why ‘lemon’ and not ‘limbu’? I know this question will be put to me, sooner or later. Actually, I wish to write in English and Hindi, both.

I know I will make many mistakes. I am equally sure, I shall improve with your help. Not only will I look forward to your comments, I will appreciate your constructive criticism.


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