Smart बच्चे

The children in the neighbourhood were playing badminton right under the window of my first floor flat. Nothing unpredictable, that their shuttle cock entered my room through the open window. As I had gone down to get vegetables, they found the flat locked. Since ‘time is precious’, they decided not to waste time in waiting for me, and decided to help themselves. Within no time, the bench kept in the park for senior citizens, was brought. The watchman’s chair was mounted on it, and the tallest boy stood on the chair. A makeshift anchor was ‘created’ and the boy deftly pulled out the shuttle cock. Lo! started the celebrations.

I came back at this point of time and was surprised to see the paraphernalia under my window. When I came to know all that had happened, I reprimanded the children for their act. I was in for a bigger surprise, when a proud parent explained to me how ‘intelligently’ the children planned and executed the entire thing. I was furious and threatened to lodge an FIR as this was a straight case of trespassing. The parents of the children involved, told me to stay calm, as the children had not stolen anything. In fact, I was advised to appreciate their intelligence.

I wonder was I really wrong in my perception! Often I feel outdated, when I get upset seeing underage children driving vehicles. I remember my children did not even learn to drive before they reached eighteen. Have I been unfair to them? Or are my children not as smart as the ones driving on the streets without license?

Often we see children back answering their parents. The parents seem to be appreciating this. The children are certified to be ‘witty’. It is their ‘presence of mind’ that makes them so smart. The toddlers have their own mind. They cant be forced to eat something they do not fancy. Nor can you advise them on what to wear, how to behave etc. If one tries doing anything that they do not like, he/she shall be rewarded with slaps and kicks. After all, the tiny tots know what is good for them.

Are we laying a good foundation for them? I dread to think what type of adults will they make. Often we hear people lamenting the younger lot, for their arrogant attitude. The children are like creepers, if we dont provide them with the right kind of support and direction they are bound to go haywire.


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5 responses to “Smart बच्चे

  1. Underage drivers are smart? Yeah right! Let’s see how smart they are when their brains are smeared across the road because they could barely see above the steering wheel… or above their high collars!
    You can’t deny though that today’s kids are intelligent. They KNOW that their parents would not reprimand them especially in public and hence pick a shopping trip as the most opportune time to throw a tantrum. As kids, we knew that just as good behaviour would be rewarded, bad behaviour would be punished… in public if the need be. Or they will just grow up into bigger kids unable to take “no” for an answer, throwing tantrums all over the place.

  2. That was awful, to come back and see that the kids had been so ‘clever.’ I agree about parents encouraging their kids to be brats and even gloating over it. One young mother defended her little daughter who rudely told her great aunt that she should not sleep in ‘her’ room because it belonged to her. When the lady expressed shock at the behaviour, the girl said, ‘All kids are possessive.’ Yeah, so right, which is why the parents have to teach them to share at a young age. This is the age of selfish people who put themselves before everything and everyone, and it begins in childhood.

    • Pratibha Singh

      I really pity those parents, because they will reap the seeds of their sowing in old age. Unfortunately, it will be too late to do anything about it.

  3. Namita

    I am late in responding… but wanted to let you know that I am in agreement with you. I am appalled at the way children act today; and truthfully, I don’t tolerate it. I remind those parents that say we should “appreciate their (the children’s) matureness” that rude, disrespectful children grow into rude, disrespectful adults. I have one rule in my house. Treat me with respect, and I will treat you with respect. Act like a two year old brat, and that is how I will treat you.

    The problem I see in my particular neighborhood is that most of the parents are my parents age; yet they have pre-teen and teen aged children. They look at their kids and think, “my child is perfect.” They need a reality check. No child is perfect, we weren’t — why would we expect our children to be?

    We are living among a selfish and greedy generation of children, and if as parents we don’t change how we raise these children, they will soon become an intolerable generation of adults.

  4. Namita, I am glad your generation also thinks like this. My son also agrees to this. That means there is hope. Certainly, your children will grow into mature and responsible adults. My best wishes are always with them.

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