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मुसीबत Overweight की

During all my visits to the doctor, my greetings are answered with, ” You must lose weight.”

As if, gaining weight is my hobby. Honestly speaking, everyone wants a slim, trim body. Don’t you want it? In my case, the irony is that my doctor is in her early 30s and, excuse me, although not obese, she is overweight.

Why am I overweight? …… Probably, genes, or is it my thyroid problem. My age has also joined the party. Or the fact, that without telling me, my doctor gave me steroids, And I took them for good 6 yrs. Interestingly, I started with thyroid medicines, long before I started with thyroid problem. Thanks to the doctor! My thyroid tests were done when I was hospitalised because of dehydration and my whole system was awry. Later, I suffered from severe allergy problem. It was bad. This time, I relied on Ayurveda and started with ‘Pankaj Kasturi’, from some Kerala pharmacy. What a relief! I recommended it to all and sundry. Then my nephew’s wife got it tested in AIIMS for steroids. My ‘elixir’ passed the test. Results were positive. I did it for the second time. Again I had pamperd my body with steroids. In return my body swelled with ‘happiness’.  शरीर फूल कर कुप्पा हो गया .
Now, all and sundry advise me to lose weight. Even I want to. I am told to exercise, to be careful with my diet. Frankly, I do give both of them a sincere try. Of course, I can’t follow everybody’s advice. Else, I will land up exercising through out the day, without eating anything. Yes! without eating ANYTHING. Because some say, dont eat this, others say dont eat that. There is a difference of opinion on which fruit is to be eaten and in what quantity.

I guess, I am overweight, because my family is a Foodie family. My son says, “Everyone likes good food. WE like food”. So any food, we respect it and eat it. I can blame it on my mother too. She taught us to respect food. So no wasting of food. And, food would never go into ‘waste’. So what, if it went into our ‘waist’. Ironically, I have passed this mindset on to my children also. So much so, that when my son was small, and some food fell out from his plate, he would promptly put it in my mouth. You see food could not be wasted and he was not supposed to eat anything that fell from his plate.

This is my sincere request to all, please don’t start advising people to lose weight, unless asked. Believe me, they also want to lose weight.

By the way, if you have any tips, you can post them here. Don’t worry, I am asking for advice. 🙂


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Quirky habits – अंदाज़ अपना अपना

I read a post on Zephyr’s  blog ‘Cyber Nag’ on Quirky habits and decided to write a post on the topic rather than leaving a long comment. So here I am with my quirky post on my quirky habits.


It is interesting to note that we never find our habits quirky or stupid and irritating, even though the whole world cant stand it. One of the habits of mine, that irritate others is a peculiar one. I am told it is a unique one. I dont fold any of my papers, nor do I allow anybody to fold my papers. No body gives me folded papers too. So much so, that if they fold any of my papers, they have to make another document for me, as I refuse to accept a folded sheet of paper. All the new colleagues are told about this habit of mine before they face the brunt of my habit. Owing to this, I dont lend my books also, lest I get them back with dog ears.


Once, I was reading Iravati Karve’s ‘Yugant’ and wanted to share the contents with my colleagues. I knew I would not be as effective as the book, so gave the book to one of my colleagues to read. Since everyone wanted to read, they decided to take turns. I need not tell, what was the condition of my book after a fortnight. I knew, I cant handle the book anymore, so decided to get another copy for myself.


Not that I am proud of it, I dont find anything wrong in it either. I follow it, as the papers look neater like that and believe me, their life also increases. Simple!! But once this habit embarrassed me. One of my seniors wanted some information which was with me, so I handed over the required papers to her. Obviously on returnable basis. Later, I remembered that she was unaware of my ‘style’. Promptly, I went to her and requested her not to fold my papers as folded papers have no place in my files. She assured me that they were safe and would not be folded. Later, I went to the administrative block for some work. I was going through some files, and my senior entered (obviously, did not see me sitting there) and asked for a photocopy of  the documents that I had given her. You can imagine our expressions when we were face to face and she was hoding my papers – folded!


Two habits that irritate my children are –  I dont want my clod drink – cold. It should be absolutely chilled. And my snacks – crisp, with a capital C. So, the moment these two things arrive on the scene, I consume them immediately. Otherwise my cold drink wont remain chilled and my snacks wont be crisp. My son advises me to have ice flakes – they will be chilled as well as crisp. And no calories!


My students cant understand why am I particular about buttoning the collar button and wearing the tie with a proper knot, even when the weather is hot and humid.


I am sure I have more of such quirky habits. I request the readers to remind me of those. I dont promise that I will do away with all of them. But certainly, shall drop some of them.


And yes, through my blog let others know of any quirky habits that you and your friends may have.


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