Quirky habits – अंदाज़ अपना अपना

I read a post on Zephyr’s  blog ‘Cyber Nag’ on Quirky habits and decided to write a post on the topic rather than leaving a long comment. So here I am with my quirky post on my quirky habits.


It is interesting to note that we never find our habits quirky or stupid and irritating, even though the whole world cant stand it. One of the habits of mine, that irritate others is a peculiar one. I am told it is a unique one. I dont fold any of my papers, nor do I allow anybody to fold my papers. No body gives me folded papers too. So much so, that if they fold any of my papers, they have to make another document for me, as I refuse to accept a folded sheet of paper. All the new colleagues are told about this habit of mine before they face the brunt of my habit. Owing to this, I dont lend my books also, lest I get them back with dog ears.


Once, I was reading Iravati Karve’s ‘Yugant’ and wanted to share the contents with my colleagues. I knew I would not be as effective as the book, so gave the book to one of my colleagues to read. Since everyone wanted to read, they decided to take turns. I need not tell, what was the condition of my book after a fortnight. I knew, I cant handle the book anymore, so decided to get another copy for myself.


Not that I am proud of it, I dont find anything wrong in it either. I follow it, as the papers look neater like that and believe me, their life also increases. Simple!! But once this habit embarrassed me. One of my seniors wanted some information which was with me, so I handed over the required papers to her. Obviously on returnable basis. Later, I remembered that she was unaware of my ‘style’. Promptly, I went to her and requested her not to fold my papers as folded papers have no place in my files. She assured me that they were safe and would not be folded. Later, I went to the administrative block for some work. I was going through some files, and my senior entered (obviously, did not see me sitting there) and asked for a photocopy of  the documents that I had given her. You can imagine our expressions when we were face to face and she was hoding my papers – folded!


Two habits that irritate my children are –  I dont want my clod drink – cold. It should be absolutely chilled. And my snacks – crisp, with a capital C. So, the moment these two things arrive on the scene, I consume them immediately. Otherwise my cold drink wont remain chilled and my snacks wont be crisp. My son advises me to have ice flakes – they will be chilled as well as crisp. And no calories!


My students cant understand why am I particular about buttoning the collar button and wearing the tie with a proper knot, even when the weather is hot and humid.


I am sure I have more of such quirky habits. I request the readers to remind me of those. I dont promise that I will do away with all of them. But certainly, shall drop some of them.


And yes, through my blog let others know of any quirky habits that you and your friends may have.


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15 responses to “Quirky habits – अंदाज़ अपना अपना

  1. Namita

    My habits that immediately come to mind: Food in take out containers needs to be covered after you take your portion (for example, pizza boxes), towels need to be folded a certain way, and then placed in the linen closet in the same direction, milk has to be ice cold or very hot – nothing in between, and beds need to be made. I know I have many more but those are the first ones that come to mind!

    One thing that drives everyone around me crazy is that I “have to know” everything – and if I don’t know, I am immediately searching the answer. Ariel often asks me what I did before the internet; I tell her that I spent alot of time at the library!

    • Didi! that “covering the containers” habit is genetic in our family I think! 😛 Mummy does it and so does Badi Mausiji in Delhi.
      And that last “have to know” quirk I share with you 🙂 must-know-everything-so-hunting-for-google-or-wikipedia more like!! LOL

    • You cant beat your mausi in Delhi, and my daughter when it comes to ‘making the bed’. Both of them keep straightening the bed sheet even when you are sleeping. If need be, they will push you to the other side of the bed to straighten the bed sheet.

  2. Apart from the typos and punctuation mistakes galore (a quirk I have picked from my teacher mummy! 😛 ), very nice and candid post. But was too short. Do you need more suggestions??? 😉

  3. Sure.
    Zephyr will be pleased to know that she has started a relay.

  4. Zephyr sure is pleased! Loved Siddharth’s suggestion to eat ice flakes — chilled and crunchy! Straightening the bed covers is a habit with my oldest jijaji. He would also straighten the sofa covers and the door mat the moment you get off it and walk over the other!

  5. Mudita

    You required more of your quirky habits???
    y do u always need to have a bottle of CHILLED water in the space between ur pillow n mine??? i dont quite enjoy an ice pack in the middle of the night…
    y is it so dat even though all ur things are in transparent bags (so dat u can see everything), u never manage to find anything???
    n finally… y do u always want me to comment on ur blog wen u know dat i hate to go public wid my thoughts???

    • waah waah!!! taaliyaan!!! 🙂

    • Pratibha Singh

      सूरज कहाँ से निकला?
      You are commenting! My pleasure. I have already admitted about the chilled water quirk.
      Yes, I forgot that fascination with transparent bags. Its not that I cant find things. I ask you to find them for me, so that you feel important. 🙂
      And be social. Share your thoughts. Otherwise I shall label you ‘anti’ social!!!

  6. Ashish Thakare

    Miss, I totally agree on the habit of wearing the tie properly. I still remember how you used to ensure that all of us, especiallyPavan Jaitiani, wore the tie perfectly and at the apt place.. the Economics class began on the ‘tie’ note often 🙂

  7. Pratibha Singh

    My quirk with tie has grown with times, and so has students’ dislike for wearing it properly. So now the moment they see me, their hand goes on the knot of their ties. But it doesn’t help. The moment they cross me, the tie is back in its shabby place.

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