Advertisements की दुनिया

Advertisements have always fascinated me. Earlier ( I mean in the early seventies ) the jingles sound sooo…. melodious that at times one would sing them in the bathroom too. By the way, I have noticed my children also singing the advertisements jingles. Then came the advertisements on television. How impatiently we waited for them. I remember the first advertisement on Doordarshan was that of Topaz Blade – a still advertisement.
I have been thinking of posting something on ‘advertisements’ for quite some time. My first inspiration was an essay ‘विज्ञापन युग ’. I have forgotten the author’s name. I shall update the author’s name as soon as I find out. Then, when I started teaching ‘advertisements and sales promotion’ (unfortunately I never studied this interesting topic as a student ), I found this topic amazingly interesting. Hold on! I am not going to narrate the features and types of advertisements here.
To begin with, let me tell you the types of advertisements that hit our sentiments.
I hate those advertisements of home appliances where they show that an unkempt woman is running the house and the moment she gets that particular appliance, her clothes, hairdo and personality changes to match a film star’s. I remember my mother cooking on an अंगीठी . She moved on to kerosene stove, electric heater and finally a gas stove. She was the same all through – in an unironed  saree at home and a crisp one, while going out. I loved her the same all through.  I have yet to understand how a mixer-grinder or a washing machine can take away all the drudgery so that the lady of the house will always be dressed to go for a party.
Some advertisements make one feel that the children are not being brought up well, if  they are not being given a particular supplement in milk. Others tell you that black hair is the key to acceptance in society. One of my colleagues who doesn’t  colour her hair is accepted and respected for what she is. I am not against hair colour. But certainly no one goes into depression over grey hair. The biggest gimmick and the biggest cosmetic industry – The Fairness Creams;  and now for men too. If one was to believe the advertisements, Shahrukh Khan’s charm, John Abraham’s physique and Shahid Kapoor’s cute face are meaningless without their fairness creams making them fair. And here, Mills & Boon taught me ‘tall, dark and handsome……’
The worst advertisements are the ones showing children smarter than their parents, teachers, elders and so on. No please! I am not saying children can’t be smarter. Of course, they are and they should be. But, when they show them ridiculing or back answering their elders, are we not condoning and encouraging it in the process.
Then there are those advertisements, oops! I should say all of them, where the advertisers exaggerate their claims. I am confused which detergent to use. All of them clean whitest, are soft on hands and cheap too. I know people using fairness creams for a big part of their life, and still they don’t find any significant change.
I wonder how many of us realise the scope and strength of Food colouring & photography in advertisements! How many times our mouths have watered, seeing those perfect green, perfect round peas in that delicious looking “mutter paneer”. And when I try to cook or go to a restaurant, I find the peas shriveled up. Oh! That mouth watering tandoori chicken in the picture looks so juicy and succulent. Again, when it comes on the table, it is shriveled up. Actually for advertisements raw peas and raw chicken are painted to look like cooked. I know, some of you will not believe me. Ice creams are an all time favourite cutting across all ages. I love them in winters as they don’t start melting before I have enjoyed it. How about you?  Now tell me, if ice cream is kept out off freezer for making an advertisement how long will it not melt? And that too with so many retakes and heavy lights! Can ice cream survive them? Actually, boiled potato is mashed properly and coloured as required to show various flavours. This is not my imagination. A friend of mine, who was in this industry, told me.
Nevertheless, advertisements are here to stay and have become a big part of our life. I am seriously thinking of watching TV serials on You Tube. I will be able to wrap up a half an hour episode in 15 to 18 minutes.
P.S. My colleague Charutta Sharma told me that Mohan Rakesh penned “Vigyapan Yug”.


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7 responses to “Advertisements की दुनिया

  1. Tanu Aggarwal

    What do you think of Organic Miss? Organic milk, butter, sugar and even organic detergents / dry clean? What does it all mean? Spend oodles of money for what is deemed and advertised fervently as superior!

    • Pratibha

      Most of the times, when they claim it to be organic, there is some amount of organic ingredients in it. You will see the phrase “and other additives” on the label. There is a catch.
      Unfortunately, since penalties in India are negligible, the producer doesn’t bother about it. Penalties being heavy in US, saves the consumers there.
      And the heavy money spent by consumers is partly for the superiority of the product. But most of it goes towards advertisements.

  2. Finally the promised post on ads! Oh, how long have you been away! Ads are the bane of our lives though at one time at least the jingles were hummable, weren’t they? You do bring a fresh perspective into the subject, Pratibha. I have heard of raw food being painted to look cooked, but didn’t know about ice creams. I thought that they kept replacing the bowl as it melted 😀

  3. Pratibha

    Ice creams are my all time favourite. And even the boiled potatoes could not put me off ice creams

  4. Haha Vigyapan Yug.. Gadhyanjali (Std 10).. Cant forget it.. although at that time did not like the essay but today it has become the bane of existence..

    Potato ice-cream.. seriously? Well, I Binged and what do you know there is truth in this.. But still cant believe it 🙂

    Finally – This article appeared the least edited.. and re-read (not that it has any errors) but it felt that you are discussing the Vigyapan world in-person..
    Like always awesome!

  5. Pratibha

    Ice creams dont have potatoes. it is only used in advertisements.

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