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Fire Extinguisher का नियम

Have been thinking of writing on this for days. But was filled with so much of anger and shame , that I could not put my feelings in words.

The other day, as I finished my tea and got up to prepare dinner, I got a message on my mobile from a student of mine, who was holidaying in Delhi. The message said, “Did you come to know about that five year old girl in Delhi?” I answered,” What happened?” Prompt came the reply,”Its on TV. See.” I switched on the television and checked the news channel.

News was that a ‘five year old girl was raped in Delhi’. I felt repulsive. Further the news said that there were three candles and a 200 ml hair oil’s plastic bottle in her stomach. I wondered as to how did she manage to swallow them. I did not have to think for long as the news said that they were inserted in her vagina by the rapist.

Oh Lord!!!

I felt as if they were being inserted in my vagina. I wondered that the penetration itself must have been so painful for that little baby. To add to it, he actually tried and succeeded in putting all possible things he could lay his hand on, inside that delicate body.

I switched off the TV as I could not take any more. Believe me, even as I am writing this, I have a strong desire of throwing up.

I was filled with anger, shame, repulsive feeling….

Where is the society heading!! The news channels started reporting rape cases on minors or say girls below 6 years of age from all over the country. The other day newspaper reported that a 65 yr old woman was molested in Pune while she was sleeping outside her house. it means …age is no barrier… And of course the regular news of candle march, protests, police’s inefficiency and arrogance, politician’s promising heavy punishments to the guilty were there on all news channels.

I sat thinking when and how will it stop!! What can we do for this cause – something concrete!! Not just protecting the girls before the incident or taking up the case after the incident. What?

Suddenly I remembered the demonstration given in our school on the use of fire extinguisher. After explaining the equipment, the instructor came to practical demonstration. He told that the fire extinguisher generated carbon and that it was to be sprayed at the BASE OF FIRE. He repeated and re-repeated that if it was sprayed ON FIRE, it would only subside the fire temporarily. and soon fire will erupt again. He emphasised that it was important to extinguish fire from the base – the origin, so that it is completely gone.

Don’t you think it holds true in this case also!!

We are wanting to find the guilty and are asking for severe punishments to them. I am also for it. In fact as a rule, I say that the punishment should be so severe that a criminal will not dare to commit the crime. But the ‘fire extinguisher demonstration’ made me think why don’t we strike at the base – the root of all these problems. As mothers and sisters are we not failing in bringing up the boys! I am not accusing any body. But I think we need to tell our boys to respect women. We need to tell them to treat other girls, the way they would want their sisters to be treated by other men in society. Our boys must remember ‘they’ are also somebody’s daughters, sisters and mothers.

Of course I am under no illusion that it will stop the menace. But I think prevention is always better than waiting for a crime and protesting for severe punishment.

Let us name it Fire extinguisher का नियम.


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